Keep Your Profits.
Defer Capital Gains.
Make a 1031 Exchange.

Choose Exchange Services for worry-free 1031 Exchanges with a qualified intermediary that will help you every step of the way.

1031 exchanges can include vehicles and airplanes

What Are 1031 Exchanges?

A great way to defer paying capital gains taxes and avoid losing money when selling property—including real estate, vehicles and airplanes.

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1031 exchanges let you defer capital gains taxes

How Do Exchanges Work?

A 1031 Exchange lets you defer federal—and possibly state—capital gains taxes on property and related sales by exchanging instead of selling.

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Make FDIC insured 1031 exchanges with Exchange Services LLC

Make an FDIC-Insured Exchange.

Use Exchange Services as your qualified intermediary. Your funds are held in an FDIC-insured qualified trust account as you find your new property.

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