LKE Programs for Fleet Owners and Personal Property Assets

LKE Programs are the documentation and identification of eligible like-kind exchanges or 1031 exchanges for a portfolio or fleet. They’re common for rental car fleets, leased assets or portfolios of equipment.

IRS regulations (including Rev. Proc. 2003-39) help make applying exchange treatment more efficient for taxpayers whose pools of properties involve more than 100 sales in a year. These regulations allow for:

  • Mass notice of exchange assignments (intended to reach all possible buyers of relinquished property and sellers of replacement property)
  • Master exchange agreements (intended to govern the exchanges of all property sold out of a designated fleet)
  • Taxpayer use of electronic banking systems to initiate qualified intermediary-approved exchange funds transfers
  • Identifying exchanges in after-the-fact matching of sales to purchases within like-kind and deadline rules (often aided by software)
  • Deferral of capital gains that accrue from acquiring, using and disposing of hundreds of like-kind business assets

Potential Users of LKE Programs

Federal taxpayers, such as corporations, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, that own property pools with more than 100 property sales annually are potential candidates for LKE Program exchanges. These include trucking companies, equipment lessors, vehicle rental firms, construction companies and others.

Don’t Go It Alone

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Making an LKE for a vehicle fleet

Important Details

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